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ZHU Drops New Album ‘DREAMLAND 2021’

ZHU Drops New Album ‘DREAMLAND 2021’

ZHU has released his third studio album, DREAMLAND 2021. While he recorded the album at home, lockdown didn’t prevent the GRAMMY-nominated artist from enlisting a vast cast of guests, including Yuna, Tinashe, and Channel Tres, among others. With all these collaborators in tow, DREAMLAND 2021 feels like a manifestation of the communal feeling of the dancefloor, the warmth of a night dancing with your closest friends. DREAMLAND 2021 is available here.

“You can’t generate the same kind of community and connection without other people,” says ZHU as he prepares to return to the stage with six sold-out DREAMROCKS shows at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, CO in May. “The lights, the music, the volume, the dancing. Electronic music is an experiential thing.”

His unprecedented run at Red Rocks is one of the first major multi-night stands to take place since the COVID-19 pandemic shuttered live music venues around the world. ZHU will also be performing at numerous 2021 festivals, including ARC, III Points and Outside Lands. See below for itinerary.

Highlights from DREAMLAND 2021 include “Distant Lights,” which builds toward reckless, ecstatic abandon. In the final moments, ZHU murmurs a few lines that serve as something of a mission statement for the LP: “I don’t believe that music, dancing, the freedom of expression will be suppressed for much longer. They can’t—that’s against human nature.” 

DREAMLAND 2021 is about looking forward and creating a version of the future we want to exist in,” ZHU explains.

DREAMLAND 2021 Tracklist:

  1. Lost It
  2. Distant Lights
  3. Blue Dream
  4. How Does It Feel (feat. Channel Tres)
  5. Sky Is Crying (feat. Yuna)
  6. Sweet Like Honey
  7. Yours (feat. Arctic Lake)
  8. SOCO
  9. ONLY (feat. Tinashe)
  10. Zhudio54 (feat. partywithray)
  11. Good4U (feat. Kota the Friend)
  12. I Need That


Date                    City/State                           Venue                                              Supporting Artist

5/3                      Morrison, CO                    Red Rocks Amphitheatre                Manic Focus

5/4                     Morrison, CO                    Red Rocks Amphitheatre               Marvel Years

5/5                     Morrison, CO                    Red Rocks Amphitheatre                Kill Paris

5/9          Morrison, CO                    Red Rocks Amphitheatre                partywithray

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9/4-5                  Chicago, IL                         ARC Music Festival 2021

10/22-23           Miami, FL                           III Points 2021

10/29-31           San Francisco, CA            Outside Lands Festival 2021

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