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Zak Abel Releases New Track ‘Be Kind’

Zak Abel Releases New Track ‘Be Kind’

Zak Abel has released his first solo track of 2021, “Be Kind” via Island Records. Co-written with Nate Cyphert (Marshmello, Bebe Rexha) and produced by Nick Ruth, “Be Kind” radiates the warmth and sincerity that Zak put out into the world throughout the course of 2020.

Zak has rediscovered his calling and the things that really make him tick; writing songs that mean something to people, that uplift people, that make people wonder, dream, feel. Whether by performing tracks from home via his Instagram Live every night in April or regularly checking in with fans across his socials, the importance of reaching out, talking, and listening remains at the forefront of Zak’s songwriting. “Talking things out and feeling connected is really important,” he says, “and it made me realize that, sure we all come from different backgrounds, but we’re all experiencing the same things, just in different orders.”

A smoky, feel-good jam full of verve and groove, “Be Kind” itself listens like an anthem for the soul, an antidote to the division and intolerance that Zak sees and feels all around him.

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“Be Kind” is now available on music streaming platforms.

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