YouTuber Danny Gonzalez Attempted TikTok Stardom by Creating a Perfect Viral Song

  • His attempt would find his song a viral success or “a Frankenstein’s monster of pop culture.”

What does it take to catch some clout similar to that of Doja Cat, DaBaby, and Lil Nas X found on TikTok?

In efforts to become and overnight sensation through viral dances and trends that propel singles on TikTok and subsequently chart on Billboard and produce millions of streams on Spotify, YouTuber Danny Gonzalez had no choice but to create the perfect song based on every element observed from previous viral songs on the platform.

His two-month journey into his project saw him reaching out to popular TikTok creators @ColeChella, @AvivaSofia, @Emmwee, @Britttany_broski and Kurtis Conner for valuable insight on what makes a song a hit. Concluding that the basic elements for the perfect song include relatable lines, a good beat drop, fat bass, dance instructions, and dropping references to famous TikTokers, Danny launched his attempt at stardom with his self-produced single released using a fake account under the artist name of Ned Flames.

However, the YouTuber soon discovered a possible reason for his lack of newfound popularity. After seeing comments on his videos, he realized that at first the platform showed random people his content but then it began to exclusively show Ned Flames’ content those whose interest was Danny Gonzalez himself. Fans began to recognize him solely for his voice, even The Chicago Bulls Mascot dropped the commented “What’s up Greg?” on one of the videos posted on the fake account.

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Despite his “perfect” TikTok song not going viral, the conclusion of his attempt was that TikTok’s algorithm is good to deliver the right content to the right people.

Watch Danny Gonzalez’ full attempt below:

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