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YouTube Originals Share Trailer for Season Two of Vox’s ‘Glad You Asked’

YouTube Originals Share Trailer for Season Two of Vox’s ‘Glad You Asked’

YouTube Originals has dropped the trailer for season two of the Emmy-nominated series Glad You Asked. The episodic series from Vox and Vox Media Studios will premiere five episodes for free weekly beginning Tuesday, March 30th on the Vox YouTube channel, with additional topical episodes premiering later this year.

Glad You Asked is an ensemble-led exploration of topics driven by our curiosity about the world around us. Using Vox’s signature explainer format, the second season examines incredibly timely questions around racial justice and the impact of systemic racism in our communities and daily lives. This season explores topics including implicit bias, how our neighborhoods determine our futures, race and A.I., education inequity, and the impact of racism on our bodies.

The second season will feature new perspectives from five inquisitive hosts and the world’s foremost experts to offer an experiential journey that will empower audiences to better understand their world – from exploring the roots of residential segregation to playing hand-crafted board games and taking tests that measure racial implicit biases. Joining season two is Vox’s lead race reporter, Fabiola Cineas, and the host and producer of the VICE documentary series Minority Reports, Lee Adams. They will unite with season one hosts Cleo Abram, Christophe Haubursin, and Joss Fong to explore these critical questions while demonstrating various social experiments across the season.

Glad You Asked is executive produced by Joie Jacoby, Joe Posner, Chad Mumm, Mark W. Olsen for Vox Media Studios. Dana J. Olkkonen and Mona Lalwani are co-executive producers for Vox Media Studios. The series is produced by Vox Media Studios and YouTube. Susanne Daniels is Global Head of Original Content for YouTube. Nadine Zylstra, Head of Family, Learning and Impact for YouTube Originals, and Laurel Stier and Zoe Di Stefano, Development Executives for YouTube Originals, oversee the project for the global platform.

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Watch the trailer below.

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