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YouTube Channels to Binge-Watch Now

YouTube Channels to Binge-Watch Now

YouTube Channels to Binge-Watch Now

YouTube is still an underrated place to watch content. It’s not just for the younger crowd and not just another social media. YouTube has many different communities to dive into. Popular YouTubers like David Dobrik have gone on to get worldwide recognition. But there are still so many other creators to explore. Here are YouTube channels to binge-watch now.

For Harriet

For Harriet is a channel ran by Kim Foster. The channel is a community that has conversations about people of color and feminism. Foster’s commentary on pop culture, current events, and films are well researched and provide a perspective that is often not heard. Her video on the popular show “Cheer” was insightful as she pointed out how people did not touch upon the lack of diversity. For Harriet is insightful and witty and each video will leave you learning something new.

Michael Persad

Michael Persad is part of the commentary community and underrated. Persad’s comedy flows naturally in his videos where it doesn’t seem too scripted. He comments on the strangest content on the internet and takes a spin on every topic. Persad had a following on Vine and now is growing his channel on YouTube. Persad is laugh out loud funny and his comedy is soon going to bring him more subscribers.

Cody Ko

Cody Ko is one of the biggest YouTubers on the platform. His rap duo with Noel Miller was signed to Arista Records and has over 4 million subscribers on his channel. Ko’s videos have gone viral because of his “That’s Cringe” series where he laughs at things on the internet. He has made videos on Mark McGrath and a creator of a kombucha brand, which resulted in funnier videos when they met in person.


Before Netflix released it’s show on the Tiger King, Primink was on it over a year ago. Ran anonymously, Primink’s commentary videos revolve on topics most people don’t talk about that can seem oddities. It’s a fresh twist since commentary channels sometimes touch upon the same topics. Primink’s channel is a trip and perfect for those who enjoy strange stories.

Flight Attendant Community

One of the interesting parts of YouTube is how they cater to many groups. There are currently many flight attendants who vlog about their jobs and a normal look at a flight attendant’s life. Many are sharing vlogs as they continue to work during the pandemic.


Defunctland is a channel that explores the history of extinct theme parks and themed entertainment experiences. Touching on themes experiences worldwide, Defunctland releases long-form content in seasons. They touch upon defunct TV shows, theme parks, and a lot of Disney. The channel functions as a show which includes a lot of facts for those who love trivia.

Yes Theory

Yes Theory were the people behind fooling people with a fake Justin Bieber. But the channel is more than just pranks. Yes Theory explores what it means to have no limits. They take crazy situations and push people to do the impossible. Their mission is to encourage people to step out of their comfort zone and do things that they were told would never happen. Yes Theory’s channel is full of situations that seem crazy and their outcomes.

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