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What Churches to Follow While Social Distancing

What Churches to Follow While Social Distancing

What Churches to Follow While Social Distancing

While self-quarantine is making everyone stay at home, it has pushed everyone to step out of the box. Churches have been majorly affected by the restrictions put by how many people can gather at once. This made many churches turn to social media to put on their services. Here are the churches to follow while social distancing.

River Church (Spanish with English Translation)

The church headed by Dante Gebel is located in Anaheim, CA. Gebel who already has a wide following in Latin America has shared his messages on YouTube before and broadcast them on Telemundo. The church is now showing Sunday services at 11 a.m. PST for people to watch. Showing praise and worship of previous services, Gebel preaches a new message live. Messages are in Spanish but translated to English on YouTube.

Elevation Church

Elevation Church is not new to the live streaming game. Their services are streamed in full every Sunday. They have added new experiences to make it feel more like their normal service times but online. However, after the live stream online the message part of the message will be available on YouTube.

Un Corazon/Comunidad Olivo (Spanish)

The band Un Corazon who stem from their home church Olivo have moved to YouTube and Facebook to show their Sunday services. With a smaller scaled set to comply with ordinances, they take a creative approach to church. Having a “lobby” to great watchers, it makes church feel personal even from your living room.

Casa de Dios (Spanish)

The church located in Guatemala is pastored by Cash Luna. Casa de Dios is fully in Spanish but offers sign language translation during the Sunday services. The church shows services throughout the weekend.

Hillsong Church

The popular Hillsong Church is also no stranger to live streaming on Sundays. During this season they have been a lot more intentional also having services for youth and in other languages. Campuses all over the world like in Dallas have also live-streamed their own services.


Upperroom’s ministry has flourished on social media. Live streaming their daily prayer rooms and services allows people to be part of their church. Their services feel raw and fresh and show the church as their in their element.

Jesus Image

The Jesus Image ministry has all the content you need to learn about God. Their services feature a message, spontaneous worship, and their channel has full messages from their conferences.

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