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Trampolines Release ‘SHOTGUN’ Featuring King Antonio

Trampolines Release ‘SHOTGUN’ Featuring King Antonio

Trampolines are back with the new track “SHOTGUN” featuring King Antonio now available on music streaming platforms.

Written by Lane and Cary Terzieff —who make up the duo— “SHOTGUN” is a song about walking through life with Jesus by your side and a music video that felt like just what we all needed after 2020.

They share, “We weren’t sure who would show up but it seemed like we had someone from every walk of life and political background. All of us came together for this party anthem that says Hey! Me and my friends and Jesus have fun and are in this thing together. We also didn’t want to portray that Jesus was a quiet white guy who never rocked the boat. We believe he looked more like this dude hanging out the window blessing people and kickin’ it with the wildcards.”

The music video, also directed by the duo, showcases the fun upbeat vibe of the track.

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Watch the music video for “SHOTGUN” below.

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