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Tones And I Announces Debut Album ‘Welcome To The Madhouse’

Tones And I Announces Debut Album ‘Welcome To The Madhouse’

Tones And I has announced her widely anticipated debut album, Welcome To The Madhouse, arriving on July 16. Tones And I has shared the forthcoming album’s lead single, “Cloudy Day,” which is available on all streaming platforms and accompanied by an animated video streaming on her official YouTube channel. 

Available for pre-order now, Welcome To The Madhouse stands out as a deeply reflective and personal body of work for Tones And I, with the Australian artist writing the entire album by herself and co-producing every song. 

Tones And I commented on the significance of Welcome To The Madhouse explaining, “This album for me is very up and down and reflects the forever changing emotions in me. There are songs on the album that were written before ‘Dance Monkey,’ about not knowing if busking was right for me. There are songs about my good friend T passing away and not wanting to deal with those emotions. The ups and downs of life in lock down and the mental challenges / struggles. Some songs make me laugh and some make me cry but there is no running theme or vibe to the album – the songs are unique to how I was feeling the day I wrote them.” 

Regarding the new single, she shares, “After my friend T passed away I was struggling to write any songs that were happy or that I even liked. I met up with a friend who told me this saying from his late mum – ‘on a cloudy day, look up into the sky and find the sun.’ I knew I wanted to use that as a lyric and the next time I went into the studio I wrote ‘Cloudy Day.’” 

Tones And I Initially laid the foundation for Welcome To The Madhouse last year with the release of “Fly Away,” a poetic and powerful composition that has amassed over 190 million streams. She followed it up in 2021 with the release of “Won’t Sleep,” which arrived alongside a Tones And I, Nick Kozakis and Liam Kelly directed official music video. 

Having had to postpone her global tour in 2020 due to COVID-19, Tones And I will be announcing new US, European and UK headline dates in the coming weeks. For more information on Tones And I’s tour dates and tickets to upcoming shows, visit

Welcome To The Madhouse Tracklist:

1. Welcome To The Madhouse

2. Lonely

3. Won’t Sleep

4. Westside Lobby

5. Fly Away

6. Sad Songs

7. Just A Mess

See Also

8. Child’s Play

9. Not Going Home

10. Dark Waters

11. Cloudy Day

12. You Don’t Know My Name

13. Fall Apart

14. Bars (RIP T) 

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