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Tina Fey Helps Narrate Video for the #SaveNYCMusicians Campaign to Aid the City’s Music Industry Impacted by COVID-19

Tina Fey Helps Narrate Video for the #SaveNYCMusicians Campaign to Aid the City’s Music Industry Impacted by COVID-19

Regarding the issues faced by legions of musician in New York City as exigent, Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winner Tina Fey has partnered with Local 802 of the American Federation of Musicians to narrate a video for the launch of the #SaveNYCMusicians campaign. Drawing awareness to the many musicians out of work and left without health insurance due to the impact of COVID-19 in the city, the campaign rallies for emergency relief for those affected within the music industry and who have been abandoned by the nation’s response to the pandemic.

“With no relief in sight, musicians have lost jobs, income and health insurance, forcing many to leave New York City for good,” said Fey. “New York’s music ecosystem that once supported nearly 60,000 jobs, accounted for roughly $5 billion in wages, and generated a total yearly income output of $21 billion, has been shut down hard, and there is currently no timeline for bringing it back.”

Local 802 president Adam Krauthamer added, “We are at the risk of a Great Cultural Depression. Musicians are facing an unprecedented period of unemployment with no relief in sight. The arts in NYC as we know it – and the artists themselves – will not survive without major help. #SaveNYCMusicians is the musicians’ response to the crisis. I urge everyone to share our musicians’ stories and join the campaign at”

The video campaign urges for the need to preserve the musical heart and soul of New York comprised of world-class artists who perform on Broadway, at Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall, in jazz clubs, cabarets and churches, making the city a unique musical destination for tourists from around the world.

“With your generous support, these artists, who have devoted their lives to uplifting society and bringing beauty into the world through music, have hope of surviving the pandemic. New York City’s community of musicians looks forward to the day when they can safely get back to work and perform for you again.” Fey says.

Several prominent New York politicians echoed their support for the campaign. “Our legions of talented musicians and performing artists make New York the greatest city in the world and are rocket fuel for our economic engine,” said Senator Chuck Schumer. “But Covid has darkened the stages and put them out of work – so we must do all we can to get them relief and put them back to work making beautiful music again. I urge all New Yorkers to support Local 802’s #SaveNYCMusicians campaign and visit to learn more.”

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Congressman Jerry Nadler added, “Musicians and other performing artists are a vital part of what makes New York, New York. We have a collective obligation to help the people who are facing devastation from the pandemic and doing so will help preserve the culture that makes our city so special. I’m thankful that organizations like Local 802 are stepping up to fill the gap.”

Please visit Local 802’s #SaveNYCMusicians here to learn more and watch the video campaign narrated by Tina Fey below:

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