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The Weeknd to Re-Release Debut Mixtape ‘House of Balloons’

The Weeknd to Re-Release Debut Mixtape ‘House of Balloons’

The Weeknd will re-release his groundbreaking debut mixtape House of Balloons on March 21, ten years after it was first released. This is the first time the mixtape will on music streaming platforms.

The Weeknd also unveiled an exclusive merchandise drop. The re-release will feature a collaboration with Daniel Arsham’s new interpretation of the iconic cover art and 1,000 limited-edition vinyl.

In Arsham’s words, “the summer of 2011 will always be marked by House of Balloons. Like a time travel device, the album transports me back to that specific moment in time every time I listen. It is a great privilege to work with The Weeknd and the XO Team to reimagine the iconic album art of House of Balloons as an eroded sculpture for the ten year anniversary. Alongside the transparent vinyl and eroded album artwork – we also worked on a collection of merchandise including a Varsity Jacket, blending my own aesthetic with that of The Weeknd’s.”

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The interior of the varsity jacket will feature a custom camouflage pattern, mixing The Weeknd’s silhouette with Arsham Studio colorways inspired by and reminiscent of The Weeknd’s outfit at his first live show in 2011 at Toronto’s Mod Club.

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