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The Songs You Need On Your Easter Playlist

The Songs You Need On Your Easter Playlist

  • The ultimate roundup of songs you need to play on Easter.
The Songs You Need On Your Easter Playlist

Easter may look differently for you compared to other years. But that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate and honor the day. Music can set the tone and that means getting all the right songs on your Easter playlist. From the classics to new finds, here’s the ultimate roundup for your Easter playlist.

Hillsong Worship – What A Beautiful Name

The GRAMMY winning song “What A Beautiful Name” is such a powerful song that highlights the beauty of Jesus. The bridge sums it all so well: “Death could not hold You. The veil tore before You. You silence the boast of sin and grave. The heavens are roaring. The praise of Your glory. For You are raised to life again.”

Elevation Worship – Resurrecting

“Resurrecting” is the perfect Easter song. One of the best lyrics in the song is: “By Your spirit I will rise. From the ashes of defeat. The resurrected King, is resurrecting me.” It’s remembering everything Jesus did to save us.

Kari Jobe – Forever

This song is a classic and you’ve have probably heard it before and not realized. “Forever” has become such a recognized song. It’s about proclaiming that God will be glorified forever.

Bethel Music – Ain’t No Grave

This is not your typical worship song. If you need a country stomping song, this is it. “Ain’t No Grave” will make you stand up and proclaim it. It’s fun but filled with amazing truths. One of the best lyrics in the song is: “If You walked out of the grave, I’m walkin’ too.”

Hillsong Young & Free – Passion

Hillsong Young & Free is known as the funner, livelier song in the Hillsong family. But that doesn’t mean they don’t also have songs that deeply touch our soul. “Passion” highlights what Jesus did at the cross. The opening verse says it all, “In the grove when your cup seemed too much. With the worst yet to come. I was on your mind. On the cross, as the crowds cursed your name. Heaven’s eyes turned away. Still you thought of me. I know you love me so.”

John Mark McMillan – How He Loves and Skeleton Bones

John Mark McMillan is still a severely underrated artist. He is the one that wrote “How He Loves” and “King of My Heart.” “How He Loves” is a deep song (which he wrote after a friend died) and “Skeleton Bones” is a bit more unknown but talks about bones coming to life. His music is raw and connects listeners in a real way with God.

Hillsong UNITED – Saviour King 

There are a lot of variations of this song but Hillsong UNITED popularized it. “Saviour King” is a deep declaration that requires a listen to just capture the lyrics. It’s not just about remembering Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross but also us acknowledging that He did this for us.

All Sons and Daughters – Rising Sun

Although the band is no longer together, All Sons and Daughters left behind songs that need to be heard. They are behind the song “Great Are You Lord” that gained popularity when others started singing it. “Rising Sun” is a lighter song talking about God shining forever.

See Also

Leeland – I Wonder

“I Wonder” is a song of reflection. The whole song is about being in awe and wonder that we have a God that can sacrifice so much for us. This song is emotional and tugs at the heartstrings. It’s raw and honest making it a great choice as we remember what Jesus did.

Un Corazon – Jesus Salva

Un Corazon lays it out simply, “Jesus Salva,” which translates to “Jesus Saves.” Worship songs can touch everyone regardless of language. “Jesus Salva” is a simple song talking about how we are saved thanks to Jesus.

Cory Asbury – Reckless Love

“Reckless Love” was one of those songs that got played at every worship set around the world. It details so well that God’s love is powerful. The song uses the analogy of the lost sheep. But it’s so easy to see how God’s love knows no bounds as He sent Jesus to the cross for people.

Pioneer Worship – Three Days

“Three Days” is exactly about what happens from Good Friday to Easter Sunday and the resurrection. Pioneer Worship takes a laid back tone as we remember the most powerful time.

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