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‘The Silent Sea’ to Premiere on Netflix on December 24

‘The Silent Sea’ to Premiere on Netflix on December 24

Netflix‘s new sci-fi drama The Silent Sea is set to premiere on December 24. Set in the year 2075 when depletion of natural resources has devastated Earth, the series tells the story of an elite team sent on a special mission to an abandoned research base on the moon. The series is based on director Choi Hang-yong’s short film by the same name.

The Silent Sea‘s poster depicts Song Jian (Bae Doona), an astrobiologist who has just set foot on the moon. She is a member of an elite team sent to the moon to save Earth from ruin with its depletion of natural resources. This lone figure on the moon, still an infinitely mysterious place that remains an uncharted territory for humans, piques our curiosity in this story of exploration and prepares the ground for the question, “What happened at an abandoned Korean research base?” While looking for clues to save Earth, team members become mired in mysterious predicaments and unforeseen events that occur in outer space. Their fates hanging by a thread will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Actor Jung Woo-sung was enthralled by this story that Choi has been crafting for over a decade. “I loved the spectacular ideas behind the story. I wanted to be involved in creating a sci-fi series that is uniquely Korean,” Jung said.

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Also joining the creative process of this intriguing story of exploration is writer Park Eun-kyo, who received Best Screenplay awards at the Korean Association of Film Critics Awards for Mother and at the Blue Dragon Awards for Crush And Blush. The cast includes Bae Doona, Gong Yoo, Lee Joon and others — portrays the elite team members who risk their lives to participate in a special mission.

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