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The Michele Obama Podcast is Officially Here

The Michele Obama Podcast is Officially Here

  • Former First Lady Michelle Obama has released her new podcast 'The Michelle Obama Podcast.'

The Michelle Obama podcast is officially here! The podcast is part of an exclusive partnership with Spotify and the former First Lady’s production company, Higher Ground.

The pilot episode is a wonderful conversation with her husband and former president, Barack Obama. Throughout the episode, they discuss the differences in their upbringings, the importance of paying attention to the politics, and the role community plays in our understanding of the current events.

The podcast feels like you are listening to a casual conversation at their dinner table. Michelle Obama has a grace about her that feels comfortable and familiar; like a friend you’ve known forever.

In 2018, she released her biography titled, Becoming. The book focuses on three stages of her life and how she became the strong, passionate, and incredible role model we admire today. She shares stories of her childhood and time at the White House and the experiences that have shaped her world.

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Each episode will center around a conversation with an important person in Michelle’s life and examining community, women’s health issues, marriage and relationships, and more. New episodes will be available every Wednesday.

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