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Telemundo Announces Production and Cast of the Miniseries Adaptation of ‘Historia de un Clan’ Starring Fernando Colunga

Telemundo Announces Production and Cast of the Miniseries Adaptation of ‘Historia de un Clan’ Starring Fernando Colunga

Telemundo Streaming Studios has announced the cast for its new miniseries currently in production, the adaptation of the hit Argentinian series, Historia de un Clan, starring renowned Mexican actor, Fernando Colunga (Pasión y PoderPorque el Amor Manda, Alborada). 

The 10-episode dra,a miniseries, marks the return of Colunga to the small screen alongside an international acclaimed cast including Lisa Owen (Family by Force, Lord of the Skies,Manuel Masalva (Narcos: México, La Guzmán,) Alejandro de Hoyos (Monarca, Caer en Tentación,) Samantha Siqueiros (You Cannot Hide, Lady of Steal,Roberta Damián (Family by Force, Like,Antonio de la Vega (Who Killed Sara, Enemigo Íntimo,) Rafael Ferro (Los Internacionales, Educando a Nina,) Delfina Chaves (Días de Gallos, Amar Después de Amar,) Celina Font (Victoria Small, La Casa del Mar) and Luis Machin (Mi Hermano es un ClonAtrapa a un Ladrón.

“Like night and day… that’s how I define this new adventure. I hope audiences enjoy this series as much as the entire team behind this amazing project,” stated Colunga. “I thank Telemundo and Underground Producciones, as well as all their tireless collaborators, for allowing me to continue dreaming.”

This new miniseries, based on the original Argentinian series Historia de un Clan and inspired by real events, tells the story of the Grecos, a family that, under the guise of being very traditional, hides a criminal clan. Aquiles Greco (Colunga) is a disciplined and authoritarian man, a retired officer who will do whatever it takes to maintain his family’s status. He is married to Marta (Owen), an ambitious woman, with whom he has four children. To achieve the power that he and his wife desire, Aquiles devises a very lucrative business. Their home becomes the operations center, and little by little, their true identity will be discovered – a family organization responsible for kidnapping, torturing, and killing wealthy victims, demanding millions in ransom. But when they finally receive the money, instead of freeing their prisoners – influential individuals from their own social circle and friends of their children – they kill them.

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Created by Sebastián Ortega, the series is a Telemundo Streaming Studios and Underground Producciones production, written by Martín Méndez and Alejandro Quesada and directed by Alejandro Ciancio. Marcos Santana, Sebastián Ortega, Leandro Culell, Juan Ponce and Pablo Culell serve as executive producers.

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