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Tauren Wells Receives Platinum Certification for ‘Hills and Valleys’

Tauren Wells Receives Platinum Certification for ‘Hills and Valleys’

Six-time Grammy-nominated singer Tauren Wells has received platinum certification for this single “Hills and Valleys.” The single is certified Platinum by the R.I.A.A.

“Hills and Valleys” earned two Grammy nominations and has gained over 147 million audio and video streams and a combined total of over 54 million views on YouTube

Well was surprised with a plaque for this recognition during a virtual town meeting. “Well, I wasn’t expecting this,” Wells shared in an Instagram post. “Somehow these songs find their way into your lives and I can’t tell you how amazing, humbling, and special that is to me. It’s truly amazing that this song broke through and entered the lives of so many people. I know that ‘Hills and Valleys’ has changed my life on many levels. Thank you all so much for supporting this song.”

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Wells is a six-time Grammy-nominated artist, platinum-selling singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, entrepreneur, as well as a public speaker. He partners frequently with Elevation Worship. Besides the Platinum-selling “Hills and Valleys,” “Known” is Gold-certified. He released his second full-length album Citizen of Heaven in January 2020.

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