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Taika Waititi Directs New Xbox Series X Trailer ‘Lucid Odyssey’

Taika Waititi Directs New Xbox Series X Trailer ‘Lucid Odyssey’

Set in a dream in an incubation lab, the latest trailer for the next-gen Xbox Series X arrives from Academy Award-winning screenwriter and renowned director Taika Waititi.

Best known for his unique direction and color on feature films that include Marvel’s Thor: Ragnorok and Jojo Rabbit, Waititi brings to life Microsoft’s slogan for the console “power your dream” with Ludic Odyssey. Centered around a real experiment following user MoonLiteWorld, the short welcomes viewers into the epic, dream-fueled journey into the depths of the gamer’s lucid imagination, powered by her experience playing the Xbox Series X.

To capture the real dreams of MoonLiteWolf, Waititi used a similar method that great minds have used to inspire their thinking throughout history, including Aristotle, Thomas Edison, Edgar Allen Poe, and Mary Shelley. The filmmaker captured the user’s dreams using Targeted Dream Incubation, based on research described in the special issue on Dream Engineering, published in the journal Consciousness and Cognition. Waititi recorded MoonLiteWolf’s dreams when she reached a state of light sleep and even mediation known as hypnagogia to encapsulates her genuine lucid dreams into the outskirts of space with plenty of twists along the way in a three-and-a-half-minute clip.

Waititi’s collaboration with Microsoft follows another major partnership on the Xbox Series X trailer that features Get Out and Black Panther actor Daniel Kaluuya released in October. The filmmaker is currently set to direct and co-write Thor: Love and Thunder starring Natalie Portman, Christian Bale, Chris Hemsworth, and Chris Pratt as Star-Lord.

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Watch Lucid Odyssey below (an audio description version is also included):

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