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Tabitha Nauser Shares Self-Love Manifestation ‘When Will I Be Loved?’

Tabitha Nauser Shares Self-Love Manifestation ‘When Will I Be Loved?’

Tabitha Nauser has shared her latest empowerment single “When Will I Be Loved” via buzzy indie label Antifragile Music. 

A mellow summer pop anthem, Nauser’s sweet vocals lie over building layers of rhythmic beats, gradually upping the catchy tempo and snowballing into a crescendo chorus. “When Will I Be Loved” shows her vulnerability and speaks both as a breakup anthem with a search for new love, but also as an empowerment self-love manifestation.

Nauser explains, “When Will I Be Loved is about realizing that you’re finally ready to give Love, but most importantly, receive Love! It’s a message to the universe to bring Love that’s worthy of you and that you deserve, without having to settle for anything else. We embrace Love in all forms – romantic, personal and platonic! The song brings me back to when I was going through this really sad break up. It was super toxic, and I felt shitty about me as a person and who I was as an artist. I just didn’t feel like I was really worthy of love. It was a tough time, but holds an empowering message for people who realise that, after something like that, they obviously can be loved.”

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Based in Singapore and born to Swiss-Indian parents, Tabitha is a versatile creative delving into the worlds of fashion, television, radio and theatre. With her raw songwriting cataloguing everything from heartbreak, toxic relationships and self-acceptance, Tabitha’s sound is not tied to one genre as she believes music shouldn’t be boxed in or confined. Growing up listening to American R&B powerhouses such as Destiny’s Child and Usher, teaching herself how to sing by playing their music on repeat on her Walkman to learn vocal runs and techniques, as well as breaking down what lyrics mean and what the artists are trying to say. A self-proclaimed big fan of the “weird and different”, Tabitha oversees the production of all her music, with a keen focus on strong lyrical messages and a heavy hand on vocal production in particular. 

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