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St. Panther Releases Two-Track Bundle with Songs ‘Greatness’ and ‘Places’

St. Panther Releases Two-Track Bundle with Songs ‘Greatness’ and ‘Places’

St. Panther

Multihyphenate St. Panther has released a two-track bundle with songs “Greatness” and “Places” via Ricky Reed’s Nice Life Recording Company. Find the tracks here.

Of “Greatness,” St. Panther shared, “This is a song about leveling up. In so many words it’s a song about arriving to a place in your life where you couldn’t imagine yourself asking for more, and celebrating being in the now.”

She then added, “I think ‘Places’ is the most reflective song I’ve written about my life. It’s not a song directly talking about what those places were, what kind of experiences were had, but the soul of where I’ve been quickly became the soul of the song.”

The two-track package expertly showcases the magic of St. Panther: versatility, and a hypnotic hybrid of soul swagger, jazz eloquence, and hip-hop energy. “Greatness,” sees St. Panther flex her flow overtop an up-tempo hip-hop beat, whereas “Places” channels her lo-fi alternative R&B sensibilities.

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The music video for “Greatness” is directed by Lili Peper which sees St. Panther bopping around LA, grooving with friends, and thriving in her element. The video ends on a heartwarming clip of a baby St. Panther playing the piano and the dawn of St. Panther’s innate musicality, while giving fans a little taste of what might be in store for the upcoming “Places” video.

“Greatness/Places,” were produced by St. Panther, with additional production by Ricky Reed on “Greatness.” St. Panther also served as creative director for the “Greatness” music video, alongside co-creative director Lili Peper, and producer Michael Kagan.

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