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Spotify Lifts the 10,000-Song Cap on Libraries

Spotify Lifts the 10,000-Song Cap on Libraries

  • The music streaming platform Spotify has finally lifted the 10,000 song cap on users' libraries.
Spotify Lifts the 10,000-Song Cap on Libraries

With more than a million songs on the platform, Spotify announced on its community blog that it will lift the 10,000 caps on users’ libraries. The new update will roll out in the coming days.

This has been one of Spotify’s most popular requests on the platform’s Community Ideas Exchange, with over 12,500 votes. Before, users will get a notification telling them they would need to remove albums or songs if they reached the 10,000 cap.

Now users can save as many songs and albums as they’d like. Although Spotify listened to one of its users’ biggest requests, the rollout still has a few things to iron out. Users can still only download 10,000 songs on five different devices for offline listening and offline listening, in general, will continue having the cap. Playlists will also still have the current 10,000 limit. The new option is solely for libraries.

Music fans can rejoice as they can expand their collections to include any song and album they can think of.

Spotify recently donated in $10 million in coronavirus relief and have added a feature allowing artists to fundraise directly from their Spotify page.

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