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Speelburg Drops New Single ‘When You Want Me,’ Announces New Album

Speelburg Drops New Single ‘When You Want Me,’ Announces New Album

  • Speelburg has dropped his new song 'When You Want Me' from his upcoming debut album 'Porche.'
Speelburg Drops New Single 'When You Want Me,' Announces New Album

Speelburg has announced that his debut album Porsche will be out on September 18 via Kartel Music Group. Along with the news, his new single “When You Want Me dropped.

The upbeat, energetic song about cosmic longing also has an accompanying music video that was self-produced and directed visual filmed in his hometown of Brighton, England.

The song will be part of the debut album Porsche which was written and produced by Speelburg, with Laurie James Ross on select tracks.

“When I was writing Porsche, I really wanted to make sure I wasn’t just writing love songs or songs about grief,” shares Speelburg (Noah Sacré). “I challenged myself to write faster-paced, more urgent songs. My running playlist is all songs between 150 and 160 BPM, because each step falls on the beat and that’s something I had in mind when I wrote ‘When You Want Me.’ This is a song about cosmic longing, like when you find someone and you’re both linked through time and space. Be it love, infatuation or friendship, I’ve got a few people in my life where it just feels like our frequencies are humming in tandem. Wherever we find ourselves in the world, it’s like no time has passed and we’re always available to each other, night and day and in any dimension.”

The 11 songs on the album range from love, happiness, and grief as a result of his mom’s death a few years ago, with samples from childhood tapes woven throughout the album. But as a movie buff, as evidenced by his stage name, his music uses pop culture and cinema as an inspiration.

The track “Gwyneth (Get Up!),” is named after Gwyneth Paltrow herself. “Crash & Burn” is influenced by Beck. He previously released the tracks “Lay It Right” and “Kline.

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“Some days you just want to write a song that makes you happy and dance, and some days you’re writing a song because your mom died and the world around you is fucking terrifying, so there’s a whole spectrum of emotions that goes into writing a record or a body of work,” Speelburg explains about Porsche. “Mourning the past is for suckers and looking forward is the cool thing to do apparently. But looking back, I think I got to make the record I wanted with a bunch of weird and fun surprises along the way. Much like the album cover, Porsche is at times serious and sometimes it’s funny. I’ve tried to cram every nook and cranny with interesting production, sounds, and samples and make something that reflects my love of pop culture and pop music in the weirdest way I could. That’s why there’s plenty of strings and brass and synths: if you’re going to spend 3 years making your debut, you better throw everything you can at it!”

Porsche is available for pre-order with each pre-order will including an instant download of “When You Want Me”. Pre-order is available here.

Speelburg Porsche Track Listing
  1. Everything I Know
  2. Gwyneth (Get Up!)
  3. Life In Between
  4. Lay It Right
  5. Crash & Burn
  6. When You Want Me
  7. World Is Falling Apart (this version)
  8. Stay On The Ground
  9. Can’t Get Even
  10. Entertaining The Notions
  11. Kline

Watch the video for “When You Want Me” below.

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