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Sony Music Entertainment Mexico Acquires Remex Music

Sony Music Entertainment Mexico Acquires Remex Music

Sony Music Entertainment Mexico has announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire the musical catalog of the Regional Mexican label and management company Remex Music.

With a catalog that encompasses such Regional Mexican genres as banda, mariachi, norteño, cumbia, sonora and Sierreño, this company which is based in Monterrey, Mexico, and the United States has built an esteemed repertoire that has made it an industry leader. Among its artists are such greats as Edwin Luna y La Trakalosa de Monterrey, Grupo Pesado, La Leyenda, Banda Tierra Sagrada and Leandro Ríos.

Led by its proprietors, brothers Germán and Domingo Chávez, Remex Music will continue developing its roster and releasing new content pursuant to its renewed alliance with The Orchard, the worldwide industry leader in digital distribution.

Roberto López, President of Sony Music México, expressed his optimism about this deal: “We are very happy about the acquisition of the diverse and rich catalog of Remex Music built through the successful work of Domingo Chávez and Germán Chávez during recent years. We are proud to team up with such talented executives, who will continue developing their roster in the dynamic and vibrant Regional Mexican market. I am very grateful to Domingo and Germán for their trust in our company. This musical catalog is a new treasure for us that we will curate with the utmost care.”

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Meanwhile, Germán and Domingo Chávez, co-Presidents of Remex Music, noted: “We are proud that in the decade since Remex Music was launched, executives like Roberto López, President of Sony Music México, have shown interest and trust in our roster’s talent. This opens the possibility of team-ups with Mexican and international artists across genres, which will develop our artists’ markets even more.”

Jason Pascal, Senior VP of Global Artist & Label Partnerships at The Orchard, emphasized the importance of this genre: “Regional Mexican has been an important part of The Orchard’s global strategy for over a decade. Our Mexico City team has the necessary experience and focus to support labels in this genre so that they may accomplish their objectives. Remex has been a priority for us since our distribution deal was first signed, and it has been a special privilege to be part of their success story. We truly hope to continue working on more joint projects.”

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