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SongLab Find Honest Worship Amid the Chaos: Interview

SongLab Find Honest Worship Amid the Chaos: Interview

Worship is better in community and SongLab is an example of that. Described as a collective of worshipers coming together to magnify the Lord through worship and songwriting, the group shared their EP Simplicity bringing together the creativity that flowed amidst the pandemic.

With a focus on songwriting, SongLab manages to bring out the emotions through music that many have felt but haven’t been able to articulate during this difficult season. Their mission always points back to worshipping God who can give clarity in the middle of the struggle.

Get the scoop about SongLab’s EP and how their music comes together from the group’s own Meredith Mauldin below. Find the EP Simplicity here.

Vacancy: How did Simplicity come to life?

Meredith Mauldin: Life got really complicated this last year, but we kept worshipping and songwriting through it all. These four songs came out of four different songlabs that we had held during one of the most complicated years we’ve known as a nation. When we decided to record these songs, I just kept thinking that worship doesn’t have to be big and flashy, with fancy light shows and big screens (not that there’s anything wrong with that), to be pleasing to God; but that our hearts simply open and devoted to Jesus is enough!  

So, we invited the worship leaders/writers to record the songs we wrote to the Lord in worship together. Simplicity is organic instrumentation and our open hearts before the Lord. 

Vacancy: What song on the EP most stands out or resonates the most to listeners?

Mauldin: I would have to say, “Hero” by Seph Schlueter. It was written as a response to asking the Lord what his heart was for his people during this pandemic. That team of writers just felt strongly to sing about the God who rescues, is our hero, and still heals today. It’s a powerful song! We actually have a testimony of a friend of ours being healed during worship to this song! 

Vacancy: Has the last year changed how the group approaches making music and the message the group wants to portray?

Mauldin: I believe our message has not changed but is even more important when fear, sickness, and problems are being magnified through social media and the news in this season. God is worthy to be praised and needs to be magnified in every season but how much more, during difficult times, do our hearts need to keep looking toward the One who is bigger than the problem. Our heart at Songlab is always to minister to the Lord and to write songs from a place of our own testimonies and encounters with the Lord, but I feel songs of hope and testimony are even more important in difficult seasons.

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Vacancy: What does the songwriting process look like?

Mauldin: At our SongLab retreats, our songwriting process consists of first worshipping together, teaching, songwriting, and then sharing! During the songwriting session we break off into groups of 3-4 and talk through what the Lord is currently doing in all of our lives. Usually, a theme arises through sharing hearts and then the group writes a song from that place! It’s such a beautiful experience.

Vacancy: What is the mission behind SongLab? What’s something the group wants to do in the future?

Mauldin: The mission behind SongLab is to help the church realize they individually and uniquely have songs coming out of them. Each person and worshipper has a testimony that is important and beautiful. Songlab’s goal is to help draw out the gifts in worshippers and encourage and empower them to write their song. So we are going to continue to put out collaborative projects and highlight projects and worship leaders that are coming from our SongLab retreats. We have lots of big plans for the future!

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