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Sofia Carson Shares New Single ‘Loud’

Sofia Carson Shares New Single ‘Loud’

Singer, songwriter, actress, and activist Sofia Carson has shared her female empowerment anthem “LOUD,” along with the breathtakingly bold music video. Get “LOUD” here via Hollywood Records.

“LOUD” follows the journey of a once silenced voice breaking free. Carson worked with songwriters Alida Garpestad Peck and Paris Carney on the anthem. “LOUD” mixes together pop and R&B, as Carson’s powerhouse vocals captivate with depth and soul.

About the song, Carson commented, “From the bottom of my heart, this song is dedicated to YOU. The women of the world and all the LOUD voices of change. Because we were all: Made to Be LOUD.”

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Through the metaphor of a butterfly coming out of her cocoon, the video, directed by award-winning director and frequent collaborator Uri Schutzer and choreographed by the acclaimed Avihai Haham, tells the story of a silenced voice, spreading her wings, taking flight, and breaking free. Louder than ever.  

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