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Social Club Misfits Release ‘Feared By Hell’

Social Club Misfits Release ‘Feared By Hell’

Social Club Misfits have returned with their new album Feared By Hell after their successful album MOOD //DOOM released at the end of 2019.

Helmed by the duo Marty and Fern, Feared By Hell features 12 songs with collaborations with Jay Kalyl, Jeremy Camp, 1k Phew, Riley Clemmons, Ty Brasel, Blanca, and more. The album also includes tracks in Spanglish.

“I worked freaking HARDDDD on this. 9 out of the 12 I produced or co-produced. I’m very proud of this and I believe this is the best Social Club Album yet. The fans won’t be disappointed, it lives up to the hype. I feel like I’m just getting started – I hope you enjoy,” shared Marty on Instagram.

Feared By Hell is now available on music streaming platforms.

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Feared By Hell Tracklist:

1. Act Of God (with nobigdyl.) 
2. Is That Okay?
3. Conmigo (with Jay Kalyl & Samuel ASH) 
4. To The Top (with 1K Phew) 
5. God On My Side (with Ty Brasel) 
6. Savior (with Jeremy Camp) 
7. Luau (feat. Hulvey)
8. Night Glow 
9. Young Gunz (with Davies) 
10. I Need You 
11. Somos Familia (with Blanca)
12. Without You (with Riley Clemmons) 

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