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Skylar Astin Drops Debut Single ‘Without You’

Skylar Astin Drops Debut Single ‘Without You’

Skylar Astin Drops Debut Single 'Without You'

After gaining fans from his performances on Pitch Perfect and Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, Skylar Astin has launched his solo career with his debut single “Without You.” Find “Without You” here.

The single came to life during his time in quarantine when he released he can take time to create. He says, “For the first time in a long time, I was home alone with all of this
extra time to play piano and explore music without any extra pressure,” he describes. “Last summer, in particular, was an inspiring time for me. I was in a creative headspace, a new relationship, and a lot of this record was inspired by that. On social media, I had a lot of fun playing piano and posting covers of other people’s songs, but I’m really excited to put myself out there with my own music. I want to reach people and share a different side of me that no one has seen before.”

“Without You” is a song that embodies the celebratory feeling of finding someone and diving in headfirst. He shares, “It’s about feeling that new connection with someone, being fully present and not wanting to live without that person.”

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The single marks a new season in his career. “Making this music made me feel lighter during a time that was pretty dark around the world,” he says.“If I can make other people feel lighter and bring some positivity & good vibes when they listen, my job is done.”

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