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Skofee Shares ‘Spiderman’ From Polished EP

Skofee Shares ‘Spiderman’ From Polished EP

Skofee has shared the visual for “Spiderman” ahead of the Polished EP due Friday.

Spiders make a lot of people (including myself) squirm, so the spider imagery is meant to communicate how uncomfortable it feels to be overcome with jealousy—to be the one who never got over a breakup when the other party is happily in a new relationship. The lyrics explain it the best, ‘cuz you cut it off and I spun out high off the ground asking myself, ‘do you think about me?,” shared Skofee.

The 5-track Polished EP explores uncomfortable situations that lead to growth, painful self-awareness and forgiveness with poetic lyrics. “The EP title is sort of ironic, because the songs have been polished and produced but the lyrical content shows a lot of dysfunction. It’s also about learning to love your shortcomings and go easy on yourself as you make mistakes and discover the ugly sides of yourself,” said Skofee.Each song began as a single thought that processed from Skofee’s candid experience and musical inspirations from folk, indie, alt-pop, and r&b. 

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Watch the “Spiderman” visual below.

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