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SEVENTEEN Share ‘Attacca’ Highlight Medley and Announce Comeback Show

SEVENTEEN Share ‘Attacca’ Highlight Medley and Announce Comeback Show

SEVENTEEN have shared their highlight medley, giving fans a glimpse of all the tracks on their upcoming EP Attacca ahead of their October 22 return. 

The highlight medley opens as a tape recorder hits play, and the dynamic Synth Pop-based track “To you.” A kinetic montage reminiscent of seven mini music videos seamlessly woven into one, all thirteen members appear singing along to the following tracks across various sets and backdrops: lead single “Rock with you,” “Crush,” “PANG!,” “Imperfect love,” “I can’t run away,” before closing with the final track on the EP and the band’s first fully-English track “2 MINUS 1.” 

SEVENTEEN will also hold their comeback show at 9 p.m. KST on October 23 streaming on HYBE Labels’ official YouTube channel where the act will be unveiling some of their high-caliber performances from the Attacca tracklist, including “Rock with you.”

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The group also shared their Audio Kit (here) which contained vocal and instrumental stems of “Rock with you.” It allowed fans to freely exchange their creative masterpieces on Twitter—providing the fandom with an interactive and uniquely SEVENTEEN-like fan experience leading up to the official release.

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