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Sarah Reeves Releases New Single ‘Heart First’

Sarah Reeves Releases New Single ‘Heart First’

  • Sarah Reeves has dropped a new song "Heart First" which will be part of her new album that will release in the fall.
Sarah Reeves Releases New Single 'Heart First'

Sarah Reeves has released a new song called “Heart First” via Curb | Word Entertainment. Reeves will be releasing a new album this fall.

“Heart First” is a raw song that pushed the listener to be free of thoughts that may be weighing them down and move to a place of freedom.

“This title has been ringing in my heart for a while now. I’m the type of person that tends to overthink everything. I’m a perfectionist and I find it hard to get out of my own head sometimes. There are choices in life that we all have to make at some point whether it’s a relationship, career, etc. There is the right answer on paper, then there’s the answer that doesn’t always make sense but it’s where your heart is,” says Reeves.
“I hope this song inspires you and brings you a freedom to stop playing it safe, stop putting your walls up and resisting where you know you’re suppose to be. Even if it seems illogical and downright crazy, what is something that has been burning in your heart that you’ve been afraid of doing?”

Reeves released her first album Broken Things in 2011 followed by two albums and five EP’s. Her album releases in the fall will be her second full length album with Curb.

“Heart First” is now available on music streaming platforms. Listen to the song below.

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