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Sanctus Real Releases ‘My God Is Still The Same’

Sanctus Real Releases ‘My God Is Still The Same’

Sanctus Real has announced the release of their latest single, the powerful anthem “My God Is Still The Same” via Framework Records/ The Fuel Music. As the first single launching in this new season, “My God Is Still The Same” is Sanctus Real’s declaration that no matter how difficult circumstances seem, God has never stopped being who He says He is.

“Now more than ever we know the message we want to share,” says guitarist Chris Rohman. “If there’s one bit of good news we have during uncertain times, it is that God is the same today as He was yesterday, and that is a hope worth sharing.” Lead singer Dustin Lolli adds, “This song is our direct response to a world that has been shaken around us. It’s a reminder that as Christians we do not have to fear, because we serve a God who never changes. He still moves mountains.”

“My God Is Still The Same” was written by Rohman and Lolli last year when they were able to get together after months of quarantine.  

“It would be easy to think of these times as uniquely difficult,” Rohman explains. “For the most part a lot of what we’re experiencing is something totally unseen before by our generation. There were so many questions without answers as the weeks and months of 2020 passed by with what seemed like an unending amount of bad news. Dustin and I knew we had to write about God’s steadiness throughout the ages as a way to encourage people right now. There was one thing we felt we could communicate with certainty no matter how quickly everything around us had changed – that our God is still the same.” 

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“Our hope is that this song will inspire people to remember the goodness of God in their lives, how He’s always been there, bringing them through any difficult circumstance they’ve ever experienced,” Mark Graalman concludes. “God is faithful to His loving and caring nature. We can trust we will continue to see His kindness toward us and experience His grace again and again!”

“My God Is Still The Same” is now available on music streaming platforms.

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