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San Diego Comic Convention Beings Construction on the Comic-Con Museum

San Diego Comic Convention Beings Construction on the Comic-Con Museum

San Diego Comic Convention (SDCC) has announced the start of construction on the new Comic-Con Museum in Balboa Park set to open on November 26, 2021. The opening will coincide with Comic-Con Special Edition, a reduced-sized fall version of the Comic-Con convention held each summer in San Diego.

The Comic-Con Museum will hold exhibits, art, and images connected to comics and related popular art.

“Comic-Con may be a San Diego institution, but people from around the world have eagerly anticipated this year-round home to celebrate the popular arts they love,” commented San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria. “With the Museum’s construction underway, we’re closer than ever to welcoming a global audience to get a taste of the Comic-Con experience in the middle of our City’s crown jewel, Balboa Park.”

The museum will also feature Cox Innovation Lab as one of its two classrooms. “The Comic-Con Museum will be a fabulous addition to Balboa Park,” said Ingo Hentschel, Senior Vice President and Region Manager for Cox Communications. “We’re excited that the Cox Innovation Lab will be part of this amazing project to showcase innovation and technology in an educational setting for local youth.” Cox contributed $175,000 to create the Cox Innovation Lab in the Museum’s education center.   

“We are eager to begin renovation on the old Federal Building and are excited to join the other esteemed museums in what is often regarded as the cultural heart of San Diego,” said David Glanzer, spokesperson for the non-profit.

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The first phase opening will be in November with the expansion set for the grand opening scheduled for July 2022.

To learn more about how you can support the Comic-Con Museum please visit:

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