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Sam Tinnesz Releases New Single ‘I Don’t Miss You’

Sam Tinnesz Releases New Single ‘I Don’t Miss You’

Sam Tinnesz has returned with his most personal song to date, “I Don’t Miss You,” available on music streaming platforms.

Written with Aaron Chafin (ROZES, Chaz Cardigan, Kyd The Band) and mastered by Chris Gehringer (Dua Lipa, Blackpink, Machine Gun Kelly), Tinnesz’s “I Don’t Miss You” is a new “break-up” song upon first listen, but as with many of Tinnesz’s songs, this one is layered with multiple meanings. Digging down, this heart-pounding track reveals a much deeper wound.

No stranger to tough, character-building times, the son of an Air-Force pilot, Tinnesz lost his father as a child to complications from a virus and watched his mother’s grief take shape in real-time throughout the years.

“I was only eight-years-old when my dad died,” remembers Tinnesz, “and ever since then I’ve been trying to fill that hole in my life to feel less incomplete. This song is my journey of dealing with loss. It’s me coming to terms with it and fighting the denial to face the reality of his absence.”

Now as a husband and father, Tinnesz’s experiences have inspired his musical passion and winding journey of discovery, survival and hope renewed. He wants others to know, they are not alone.

“I hope this song brings comfort and healing to people going through the same in 2021,” says Tinnesz. “Amidst COVID, suicide and divorce are at an all-time high right now, so it felt like the right moment to release such a personal song.”

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Additionally, and tragically, Tinnesz was able to recently share the hope of “I Don’t Miss You” to the surviving members of a family that live just a few doors down from him and is in the same home school group with Tinnesz’s own children. His neighbors George, Olga and their two children were in a terrible car accident where George’s wife, Olga, and three-year-old son, Nick, were killed.

“All these feelings of loss came rushing back when my neighbor talked about losing his wife and son,” laments Tinnesz. “This happened very recently, and I played at a candlelight service for the family. I was able to tell George that although I lost my dad at a young age, look how beautiful my life is. I came through the anxiety, tragedy and depression, and even though you have this horrible loss, you still have a future. I’m a phoenix rising out of the ashes, and your life can still be beautiful too.”

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