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Sam Fisher and Demi Lovato Drop ‘What Other People Say’

Sam Fisher and Demi Lovato Drop ‘What Other People Say’

Sam Fischer has teamed up with Demi Lovato to release his new single “What Other People Say” via RCA Records.

Written by Fischer before his single “This City” became a hit, it was a song he always knew would be a duet and was blown away when Lovato became the perfect person to accompany him on vocals. Written about a feeling of being alone and not wanting to let people down, the pairing takes two different lives and perspectives and unites them in one message of human experience, emotion and togetherness, so they are alone with one another in the song.

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Fischer says, “What Other People Say is a confession, realizing how far away you can get from who you are in an effort to be liked. It’s about the pressures of society and how getting caught up with the wrong things can change you.”

Lovato says, “This song is a reflection on what it’s like to lose who you truly are in an effort to please other people and society.  It’s why I wanted to make this song with Sam – ultimately it’s about two humans coming together to connect and find solutions to their problems.”

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Listen to “What Other People Say” below.

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