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Saint Raymond Drops New Track ‘Alright’

Saint Raymond Drops New Track ‘Alright’

Saint Raymond has dropped his new single “Alright” previewing his upcoming album release We Forgot We Were Dreaming on April 16.

The song’s message is direct and remarkably suited for this moment in time: an important first step in addressing declining mental health is to admit your struggles and to seek help. It’s delivered in an engaging yet simple style. The lyrics are lean and immediately achieve their purpose, while the production lets those words take centre-stage.

Saint Raymond, real name Callum Burrows, said, “’Alright’ is the last song I wrote for the record. I wrote it in Finland on one of my favourite ever weeks away, working with some amazing people. The song is about mental health and the fact that it’s alright to be down and that’s normal to feel that way, but you’ve got to try to find a way out of the darkness.”

“Alright” is available on music streaming platforms.

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