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Ruby Ibarra, The Filharmonics, Jocelyn Enriquez and AJ Rafael Unite for Island Pacific Jingle

Ruby Ibarra, The Filharmonics, Jocelyn Enriquez and AJ Rafael Unite for Island Pacific Jingle

Island Pacific Supermarket, the Filipino grocery chain is making history this October for Filipino History Month. Ruby Ibarra, The Filharmonics, Jocelyn Enriquez, and AJ Rafael collaborate to create the Island Pacific jingle and video entitled “The Good Taste: In the Spirit of Bayanihan,” the song, composed by Jonathan Wandag.

Wandag wanted to write a soulful island song incorporating some Filipino instruments. “What I didn’t know was that these instruments would be celebrity FilAm artists. When they came on board, they brought the music and soul to another level. The best part is that these musicians span multiple generations and styles, which is fitting for the message of the music… the timeless ‘Bayanihan’ spirit.” Bayanihan is the Filipino word for when community comes together in times of hardship, to lift one another up. It is a distinctly Filipino trait to be proud of.

Indie Pop Films, Marie Jamora directs the music video and shares how it’s an honor for her to direct her first music video in the United States with legendary Filipino-American musical talent like these. “We embraced the fact that we’re all apart during this pandemic, so we wanted a concept where you see how Filipinos are all spread out across America, and yet we can still find home with food and family,” says Jamora.

Ruby Ibarra, scientist and rapper, shares how very humbled she is be part of the Island Pacific project because of how she has been such a big fan of the other artists on the track. Additionally, Ibarra thinks a project like this is important during these times because the song reflects on the spirit of Bayanihan, and that is the energy the world needs right now, for all Filipinos to come together as a community. “These are unprecedented times socially because of the pandemic and also politically in the U.S., and I’d like to hope that a song like this can serve as a reminder of how important it is for us to lift each other up and to be cognizant of everybody’s journeys and struggles,” exclaimed Ruby Ibarra.

Jocelyn Enriquez, 90’s breakout star of songs like “Do you miss me” echo’s Ibarra’s sentiments. “Being a part of this beautifully talented collaboration with Filharmonic, AJ, Ruby and Jonathan is a sweet reminder that our community is resilient and strong despite the pandemic we are all currently going through.”

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YouTube Sensation and songwriter A.J Rafael chimes in to share, “One thing I miss about pre-COVID days is jamming with my friends. To have a video out like this that allows us to virtually get together means a lot to me. Thankful for Island Pacific for bringing us together again, and also the fact that we are all in different pockets and generations of the music industry– really speaks to the relentlessness of that Filipino spirit.”

On behalf of the Filipino American acapella group, Jules Cruz also shares how it was such an honor for their group to collaborate with such talented and influential artists on this project and really brings us all together to make music during such a difficult year.

Catch the exclusive world premiere of “The Good Taste: In the spirit of Bayanihan,” at this year’s Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture, streaming live from 7 p.m. onward on October 23, 23, and 25, 2020, presented by nonprofit organization FilAm Arts on and the FilAm Arts Facebook, YouTube, and Kumu App. The song can be heard while shopping at all Island Pacific locations in-store as well as be available on the Island Pacific website for download soon.

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