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Roblox Music Game ‘Splash’ Launching New Tones and I Game on November 26

Roblox Music Game ‘Splash’ Launching New Tones and I Game on November 26

Splash, a popular music game in Roblox, has announced a collaborative activation with multi-platinum selling artist Tones and I, launching on Thursday, November 26, and including a series of virtual appearances by the artist, starting on Friday, November 27 at 6 p.m. EST and Saturday, November 28 at 9 p.m. EST.

The platform has created a new Tones and I themed world and mini-games, where she will be hanging out and chatting with fans. Users will also have the unique opportunity to utilize the game’s exclusive Tones and I sound pack to put their own spin on her smash hit “Dance Monkey.” The Tones and I themed world will live on Splash for users to play and explore for weeks to come.

“I’m excited to connect with my fans through Splash and can’t wait to hear how they transform ‘Dance Monkey’ to make it their own! I am so grateful to everyone who has streamed the song and wanted to give fans the opportunity to get creative and showcase their music making skills!” said Tones and I about the activation.

Inspired by the official “Dance Monkey” music video, the design of the Tones and I venue features a giant interactive golf course surrounding the DJ stage and dance floor where players can interact with their peers while showcasing their digital dance moves and remixes of “Dance Monkey.” The golf course will also feature a racing game, where users can drive around on golf carts, collecting items and powers. Fans who chat with Tones and I in the game will receive a special iMetTONES&I game badge.

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Accompanying Tones and I in her Splash world will be her two friends Kurt and Abbie, along with Splash’s very own celebrity DJ Kai. Users will easily be able to find the new world on the Splash Map, and can spot Tones and I, Kurt, Abbie and Kai by their ‘ARTIST’ name tag and stars FX which will appear over top of their avatars.

Additionally, Splash will be launching 20 exclusive ‘verch’ items for the venue. Purchasable items include a variety of Tones and I inspired caps, jackets, shirts, bottoms, sneakers, and accessories, so users can deck out their avatars for this special occasion.

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