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Review: ‘Trolls World Tour’ is the Earworm You Can’t Escape

Review: ‘Trolls World Tour’ is the Earworm You Can’t Escape

  • "Trolls World Tour" gets stuck in your head probably because you've seen it somewhere else before.
Review: 'Trolls World Tour' is the Earworm You Can't Escape

“Trolls World Tour” became the guinea pig, although not voluntarily, of movies that were supposed to be released to theaters but instead are released on demand. That also meant that promo for the movie was plastered all over the internet to make sure you knew about it. But how does “Trolls World Tour” stack up compared to the first movie that gave us “Can’t Stop the Feeling!”?

“Trolls World Tour” follows Poppy (Anna Kendrick) as she tries to save the Pop Trolls from Queen Barb (Rachel Bloom), the leader of the Hard Rock Trolls. The sequel introduces us to the other groups: Techno Trolls, Classical Trolls, Country Trolls, and Funk Trolls. Queen Barb wants to take their strings so that rock is the only music in the land.

“Trolls World Tour” sometimes feels like a colorful fever dream. It doesn’t take itself too seriously. DreamWorks has the luxury of not comparing it safe compared to other animation studios. Adults can catch the strange scenes in the movie that feel off but will only work in the context of a DreamWorks movie. If you pay attention, the plot of this movie is similar to that of “Avengers: Infinity War.” Substitute the stones with strings and you get a non-threatening superhero movie.

The main thing about the “Trolls” movies is the music. With the introduction of the other musical troll groups, the movie did explore other sounds that gave the movie more flavor. K-Pop Trolls, Reggaeton Trolls, Smooth Jazz, and Yodel Trolls show up as bounty hunters added more sounds to the mix. However, it did feel like too much to pack in. There were solid memorable musical numbers but also felt like it needed to compact as many different songs to be able to include them all.

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However, “Trolls World Tour” is worth the $20 rental price. The message it leaves behind is of unity and accepting everyone with their differences. It still delivers laugh out loud moments. It’s a fun movie that will keep kids’ attention and give adults an entertaining time. Some classic songs are interwoven with the original songs, which makes it fun to sing along to. If circumstances would have been different, “Trolls World Tour” would have been a fun visit to a movie theater.

The studio announced Monday that “Trolls World Tour” landed the biggest debut for a digital release.

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