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Reik Alongside Maluma Create the Perfect Love Song for a Loved One ‘Perfecta’

Reik Alongside Maluma Create the Perfect Love Song for a Loved One ‘Perfecta’


Reik and Maluma team up for the new love song “Perfecta.” As the summer approaches, the artists created a new song with refreshing sounds with the intention of celebrating love and inspiring fans to unconditionally celebrate their loved ones.

“Perfecta” was written by Jesus, Julio and Bibi, alongside Maluma, Keityn, Andrés Marin and Germán Danilo. While Édgar Barrera, Sherman, and Keityn took charge of its production. The song features innovative sounds that fuse sweet pop melodies, along with catchy reggaeton rhythms and vibrant Reggae influences. Its message serves as a romantic dedication to a special person who deserves to know how much they have to offer. The artists deliver the message with a charismatic and colorful music video directed by Jessy Terrero, which they shot in the city of Miami Beach.

“We are going through times where we must remember that we are doing our best and that we are enough. We want our fans to dedicate this song to their special someone and help them understand that everyone is unique and special in their own way,” said the members of REIK. “Being able to work with Maluma again makes this even more special. We are always honored to work with a friend that we not only love but also greatly admire.”

REIK and Maluma first collaborated in “Amigos con Derecho” in 2018 which currently has more than 538 million views on its music video and more than 400 million worldwide streams. They also conquered the top of the charts worldwide with this song, reaching #1 on Billboard‘s “Latin Pop Airplay” and achieved 8x multi-platinum certification by the RIAA. With these notable achievements, it can be foreseen that their new collaboration will become another worldwide success of Latin music.

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In recent months, REIK has impressed fans with their musical versatility, exploring different musical genres that have allowed them to create top hits. Their most recent single “Poco” with Christian Nodal, has conquered millions around the world, as it is a collaboration between two of today’s most popular Mexican artists, merging Pop with Regional Mexican. With this single, REIK and Christian Nodal peaked in the top 20 of Billboard‘s “Latin Pop Airplay” chart and debuted on YouTube’s “Top Global Music Videos” list with its music video, which currently has more than 25 million views. 

On the other hand, every member of REIK has distinguished themselves individually with different projects. Jesús Navarro has provided his charisma and talent as a coach on La Voz, which is filmed in Mexico. Meanwhile, Bibi Marin captivated thousands of viewers on the second season of the acclaimed Netflix series, Luis Miguel The Series, where he played the role of the renowned music producer, Kliko Cibrian, who has coincidentally also produced some of REIK‘s most iconic hits. Similarly, Julio Ramirez continues to expand his prolific career as a multi-platinum songwriter.

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