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Red Velvet’s Wendy Makes DJ Debut on ‘YoungStreet’

Red Velvet’s Wendy Makes DJ Debut on ‘YoungStreet’


Red Velvet‘s Wendy has debuted as a DJ on YoungStreet on July 12. She was selected as a new DJ for SBS Power FM YoungStreet, which is broadcast every day at 8 p.m.

Wendy previously served as special DJ for YoungStreet in 2018 and started her first official broadcast saying, “I’m back to this place where I was happy to be able to hear and empathize with you. Before I started, I didn’t know I was going to tremble like this, but when I read the first comment, I got goosebumps all over my body.”

The broadcast will have the segment, “Today is WENDY,” where different topics will be talked about every day, and “Ask anything” corner where listeners can ask any questions for Wendy to answer.

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SBS Power FM Young Street hosted by Wendy broadcasts every day at 8 p.m.

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