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RAMENGVRL Links Up with pH-1 for ‘Ain’t No MF’

RAMENGVRL Links Up with pH-1 for ‘Ain’t No MF’

RAMENGVRL teams up with pH-1 for the gritty banger “Ain’t No MF” out on Asiatic Records via Warner Music. Find the track here.

“Ain’t No MF” is about embodying confidence and self-love and delivered with the trailblazer’s self-assured swagger mixing a dark and menacing beat fusing East Asian sounds.

Speaking about “Ain’t No MF”, RAMENGVRL shared, “It’s a feel-good track full of bravado and straight up attitude that is about celebrating yourself. I know music can make you feel like a bad bitch even when you’re feeling down or had a bad day at work, and this song is it. Whoever you are and whatever you do, there ain’t no MF like you.”

pH-1 adds a new dimension to “Ain’t No MF” with his characteristic warmth and eccentric yet positive lyrics. pH-1 shared the following about working with RAMENGVRL, “This project with RAMENGVRL was very exciting for me because she has a very distinct style of music and personality. I especially liked working on this track because it’s got a bit of playful yet aggressive energy which I love in a song. Also, I enjoy collaborating with artists outside of Korea. It really broadens my perspective as an artist to see so many different talents around the world. I’ve been told that I have many fans in Indonesia, so I hope that they would be pleasantly surprised by this project.”

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“Ain’t No MF” is RAMENGVRL’s second single of 2021, leading on from September’s “I’m Ugly” which explored RAMENGVRL’s fight for acceptance and triumphing over social judgment and beauty standards.

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