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Raiden Releases Debut EP ‘Love Right Back’

Raiden Releases Debut EP ‘Love Right Back’


Raiden has released his debut EP, Love Right Back via SM Entertainment along with the title track featuring NCT’s TAEIL and Korean rapper lIlBOI. Find the album here.

“Love Right Back” is an R&B-based pop song that conveys an ironic feeling of loss and freedom simultaneously after the end of an intense relationship. The track blends TAEIL’s vocals along with lIlBOI’s rap verses to complete the song.

The EP consists of five songs composed by Raiden and features more artists including “Side Effect,” sung by (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon, is a mid-tempo synthpop song with witty lyrics expressing the feelings she experiences due to her lover as side effects, and “Golden” is an easy-listening pop song with WayV’s XIAOJUN and rapper pH-1. “It Wasn’t Me” sung by Weki Meki’s Choi Yoo-jung is a dance pop song where bright melody contrasts with the lyrics depicting a misaligned relationship and the alternative rock track “Karma” is an English song that compares love to inescapable karma.

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