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Planetshakers Releases New Album ‘REVIVAL’

Planetshakers Releases New Album ‘REVIVAL’

Planetshakers has released their new album REVIVAL from Venture3Media (V3M). Available here, the album was recorded live during the REVIVAL Conference held April 1-3 at Planetshakers Church in Melbourne, Australia during a brief break in the pandemic lockdowns. With curfews set at 8:00 pm, and with only trips to the grocery store and up to two hours of outdoor exercise allowed, a word of hope – of revival – came from Planetshakers Pastor Russell Evans.

“As the world faces one of its most challenging predicaments and the church globally faces restrictions in the free world that are surprising to say the least, God declared over Planetshakers as a movement, ‘REVIVAL!’” exclaims Worship Leader and Pastor Sam Evans. “He then opened up a window of opportunity for us to join together as a church to hold REVIVAL Conference…It was raw, emotional and powerful! In the midst of restriction, God was not restricted. He moved in healing power – restoring, renewing, reviving.”

“After being oppressed for months and months, it was such an incredible blessing to gather together,” continues Evans. “The songs we were singing and the declarations we were making were so the opposite of what we were experiencing. We want to share this experience with the world with the hope of encouraging and empowering others to stand on God’s promise and believe in His ability to revive any situation with His mighty resurrection power.”

Capturing the pent-up, heartfelt roar of praise and worship that erupted during the conference in perhaps the rawest live recording ever released from Planetshakers, REVIVAL is a full production experience. The album not only introduces some new worship leaders but also features the core Planetshakers worship team consisting of Joth Hunt, Sam Evans, Andy Harrison, Josh Ham, Aimee Evans, Noah Walker, Natalie Ruiz, Chelsi Nikkerud, Rudy Nikkerud, and more.

In conjunction with the release of the album, there is also a special Planetshakers Revival 7 Days Devotional available now on YouVersion at

REVIVAL Tracklist:

1. I Know You Can 

2. Way Truth Life

3. All My Life

4. I Stand In Awe

5. Back To Life

6. Above The Storm

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7. Free Indeed

8. I Gotta Praise

9. Running

10. In Your Presence

11. Revival’s Here

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