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Planetshakers Release New ‘Demos’ Song Series

Planetshakers Release New ‘Demos’ Song Series

  • Melbourne based Planetshakers release the new 'Demos' song series.
Planetshakers Release New 'Demos' Song Series

Planetshakers has announced a new song series Demos, which consists of high-quality recordings produced in Planetshakers’ studio in Melbourne, Australia. The series enables the band to offer new music quicker than ever before while also providing the same resources to churches that Planetshakers use to learn new songs before they are led in services and recorded live.

The band will release one song each week which includes “All Things New,” “Over It All,” “Chains Are Breaking,” and “All I Can Say-Thank You,” and “Caught Up In Your Presence.”

Normally produced purely for our own team, you now have a front row seat to brand new music before it gets released on an album,” shares Planetshakers’ worship leaders Sam Evans and Joth Hunt on Facebook.

“Being thankful is so important. It puts us in a position to acknowledge that it’s not about us or what we have done, but it’s about Him and what He’s done,” says Hunt regarding the song “All I Can Say-Thank You.” “The Bible says, ‘Enter his gates with thanksgiving’ in our hearts. Every time we come to him, we should come with a thankful heart. This new worship song is about thanking Him for everything He’s done, what He’s going to do, and who He is.”

Hunt, who records and produces all the music for each of the new Demos songs, adds that for the song “Chains Are Breaking,” “We wanted to write a song that had a drastic tempo change because we thought it would be fun, and because praising God should be fun. So we came up with a groove in the verse that was almost a bit funky before speeding up to a fast dance song. We have never done this before, but it’s really great live and keeps it interesting for the listener too.”

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The band previously released “I Remember (Studio Version)” with the live version featured on their Glory Part One digital EP that released on January 10. Planetshakers also released Glory Part Two EP on April 3.

The Demos are now available on music streaming platforms.

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