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Pixar ‘Soul’ Delayed to November

Pixar ‘Soul’ Delayed to November

Pixar 'Soul' Delayed to November

Disney has delayed the release to Pixar’s latest animated film “Soul” from June 19, 2020, to November 20, 2020. “Soul” will now take the slot that was for “Raya and the Last Dragon,” which will now be moved to March 12, 2021. This marks another movie delayed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“Soul” is one of Pixar’s movies with a deeper meaning. It follows a musician (Jamie Foxx) who has lost his passion for music. But once he is transported out of his body, he must find his way back as he learns about himself with the help of a soul (Tina Fey) in The Great Before.

Disney has shaken up its release schedule heavily. Marvel has pushed back most of its slated releases and the live-action “Mulan” was pushed back to July from its original March date. With safety measures extending from their original intended dates, movie release dates may be shifted if things change.

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Watch the trailer for “Soul” below

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