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Phil DeFranco Partners with Jellysmack to Relaunch ‘The Philip DeFranco Show’ on Snapchat

Phil DeFranco Partners with Jellysmack to Relaunch ‘The Philip DeFranco Show’ on Snapchat

Jellysmack has signed an exclusive partnership with one of the original YouTube creators Philip DeFranco, to relaunch his namesake show, The Philip DeFranco Show, on Snapchat. The company will also begin optimizing and distributing the show on Facebook.

Currently, in its second season, The Philip DeFranco Show is an adaptation of DeFranco’s beloved news series of the same name on YouTube. It currently has around 66K subscribers on Snapchat and uploads new episodes a few times a month. Jellysmack plans to leverage its social listening technology, video optimization tools, and a team of experts to edit and upload episodes of the show three times a week with the aim of capturing hundreds of thousands of new subscribers. The focus on growth aligns with DeFranco’s overall goal of making news accessible and easy to consume with his signature peer-to-peer style that attracts viewers of all ages and backgrounds.

“Philip DeFranco is an authoritative voice for millions and we’re honored that he has enlisted Jellysmack to help supercharge his informative show on Snap and Facebook,” said Jeff Olson, Head of Creator Partnerships at Jellysmack. “With our tech and expertise, we’ll be able to reach a wider audience who would be interested in Phil’s energetic take on the top news.”

Jellysmack currently produces 25 shows on Snapchat that earn over 4 billion combined monthly views on the Millennial and Gen-Z focused platform. They have partnered with other creators including Reaction Time (5.9M subscribers), LaurDIY (835K subscribers), Karina Garcia (360K subscribers), Hellthy Junk Food (349K subscribers), and Jackie Aina (208K subscribers) and operate its own original Snapchat shows that are wildly successful like Beauty Hacks (9.4M subscribers), Beauty Wow (5.2M subscribers), and French-soccer show OMG: L’Hebdo (1.1M subscribers).

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“As a creator who has been in the business for 15 years now, I know how important it is to diversify and meet the fans on whatever platform they prefer,” DeFranco said. “But it’s harder than you think, especially with a small independent team like mine. Jellysmack has cracked the code when it comes to finding fans, so I’m excited to lean into their expertise and reach a whole new generation of Beautiful Bastards.”

The relaunch of The Philip DeFranco Show on Snapchat and Facebook is slated for late-May.

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