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Peggy Gou Spreads Hope and Good Energy with ‘Nabi’ Featuring OH HYUK

Peggy Gou Spreads Hope and Good Energy with ‘Nabi’ Featuring OH HYUK

Peggy Gou Spreads Hope Fueled by Freedom with ‘Nabi’ Featuring OH HYUK

For Berlin-based South Korean DJ and producer Peggy Gou, her new slow-burning, low-key electro-pop anthem “Nabi” – which is a Korean word that translates as ‘butterfly’- is a vehicle to spread optimism fueled by hope and freedom. Diverse from the house music phenom’s clever mixes, the new single is inspired by 80s synth classics, celebrated piano pieces by Erik Satie, and nostalgic 90s Korean songs that Gou recalls her mother play at home during her childhood.

“When people hear my songs, I want them to feel hope, positivity, good energy. This is especially the case with ‘Nabi,’” said Gou in a press release. “We’ve all been through so much over the last year and it’s about facing up to the problems and negativity in our lives and learning how to deal with it. It’s also about acceptance—accepting that it’s OK to feel this way. When people hear ‘Nabi,’ they’ll hopefully feel the same sense of healing—that feeling that everything’s going to be OK—that I feel when I listen to the songs that inspired it.”

The single becomes Gou’s first release in two years since “Starry Night,” and marks her first vocal collaboration. Expanding on the production of “Nabi,” Gou enlisted OH HYUK, a fellow South Korean singer/songwriter and frontman of rock band Hyukoh, as a feature and co-writer.

“It’s been a long time since COVID-19 has adapted to the changes it has made in society,” said OH HYUK. “It contains the desire to become a butterfly and fly away from the beautiful days before.”

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“Nabi” is out now via Gudu Records, Gou’s own independent label. The single is one of two songs that Gou will release in the forthcoming months. Stream and download here and watch the music video featuring artwork by Inji Seo below.

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