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Paul W. Swets New Book ‘The Coming Glory: Hope Now for Life After Death’

Paul W. Swets New Book ‘The Coming Glory: Hope Now for Life After Death’

  • Paul W. Swets's book 'The Coming Glory: Hope Now for Life After Death' gives perspectives on death.
Paul W. Swets to Release New Book 'The Coming Glory: Hope Now for Life After Death'

CrossLink Publishing has announced the release of The Coming Glory: Hope Now for Life After Death by Paul W. Swets. The book provides clear and succinct answers to questions people have facing their own death or the death of a loved one.    

In Swets’ experience as a minister of pastoral care, he found that most people are confused and anxious about their own death and life after death. 

The Coming Glory
The Coming Glory

The book comes at a timely time when many are anxious about the COVID-19 pandemic. In a podcast from the Yale Center for Faith and Culture, medical doctor Lydia Dugdale commented, “I’ve had patients who’ve looked at me and said, ‘You know, I have no idea what I believe and I’m scared out of my mind—I’m dying.”‘

Swets says “Death is the last thing we talk about because it grieves us so to be separated from family and all that we know.  The challenge is not to ignore grief, but to turn ‘bad grief’ (that disregards reality) into ‘good grief’ (that faces reality).  Good grief enables family and friends to grieve their loss and at the same time to be encouraged by biblical teaching on eternal life.”

Dr. Rodger Rice, Professor Emeritus of Sociology, Calvin University commented, “Having lost my spouse, I turned to sources of comfort and assurance. Grief and uncertainty occupied my thoughts. I found answers in “The Coming Glory.” Death brings loss and is certain. But this book offers life and hope that we survivors all need for continuing our lives on earth. I thank God that Paul Swets wrote this book.  I recommend it to everyone, especially those who find themselves perplexed by the same questions I faced.”                        

Dr. Swets has degrees in psychology, theology, American Culture, and effective communication. He has written six books and he believes that The Coming Glory is most important because adequate preparation for one’s death can give life-giving hope now.

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His first book, The Art of Talking So That People Will Listen, is published by Simon & Schuster and has sold over 130,000 copies. 

The Coming Glory is available in paperback, eBook, and audio formats at Amazon and through the author’s website,     

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