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Patrick Linnell Launches ‘Grace Bomb: The Surprising Impact Of Loving Your Neighbors’ May 1

Patrick Linnell Launches ‘Grace Bomb: The Surprising Impact Of Loving Your Neighbors’ May 1

Patrick Linnell releases a timely resource with Grace Bomb: The Surprising Impact Of Loving Your Neighbors May 1 from David C Cook. The book is a gateway to personal and corporate revival, inspiring readers to put into practice Jesus’ command to love our neighbors. In Grace Bomb, Linnell equips readers to join a movement of simple obedience that leads to a world-changing impact.

Grace bombs are intentional acts of love prompted by the Holy Spirit, which can practically look like offering an extra tip to a hardworking server, giving up a seat on an airplane, or making a meal for the ER nurse next door, etc. When a person “grace bombs” a neighbor, spouse, or stranger, it is a response to God’s call to love those people in generous and surprising ways.

“Small steps of obedience can lead to outcomes beyond what we can even think to ask for or imagine,” shares Linnell.  “…followers of Jesus were literally built for this, and by embracing the truths and tools within Grace Bomb, readers will learn about their unique ability as Christians to love people, understand how to recharge their souls by tapping into a supernatural fuel supply, and be helped in recognizing and removing barriers in their hearts that keep them from living out their God-given purposes in this one and only life.  

“While, like most Christians, I struggle to find my big purpose/calling in life, I now see that we have this beautiful gift of generosity and kindness to offer in our simple everyday lives,” continues Linnell. “…this is seen even as businesses and celebrities incorporate giving back or showing kindness…But in contrast to the world, the church has been both equipped and called to this very work. Generous giving should be in the churches’ wheelhouse…”

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With inspiring stories from people around the world who have discovered the joy of “Grace Bombing” in a movement that is catching on with Christians and churches internationally, this energizing book helps readers put their love into action. Most importantly, it helps readers use that action to show others the true source of love with no strings attached: Jesus.

Sharing first-hand accounts of “bombs” dropped and received over the past three years of the Grace Bomb movement, Linnell encourages, “In the spirit of Hebrews 10:24, we are considering how to stir one another on to love and good works. When we hear about these simple everyday neighbor-loving actions that really happened, we can better spot the opportunities that God is putting before us even now.”

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