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Passenger Releases ‘Sword from the Stone (Gingerbread Mix)’

Passenger Releases ‘Sword from the Stone (Gingerbread Mix)’

Passenger has dropped a special single “Sword from the Stone (Gingerbread Mix),” a version of the album’s opening track produced by Ed Sheeran and Joe Rubel and mixed by Spike Stent. 

Written during lockdown, “Sword from the Stone” is instantly relatable as Rosenberg struggles with feelings of loneliness during these isolating times and reflects on a past love. The song juxtaposes simple conversation in the verses with an outpour of raw emotion in the chorus. 

Passenger (Mike Rosenberg) released the album Songs For The Drunk And Broken Hearted which reached No. 2 in the UK Official Charts midweek earlier this week. The album was originally slated for a May 2020 release, but when the global pandemic turned the world upside-down, Rosenberg decided to continue working on the album adding three new songs including album opener “Sword from the Stone.”

“I’m so excited about this one,” says Rosenberg. “It’s that cliché that you make your most poignant work when you’re having a bit of a hard time. I have played it to friends and family, to people in the industry, to other musicians, and it seems to resonate across the board. I genuinely think it’s had the best reaction of any song I’ve ever written.”

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Rosenberg shares about having Ed Sheeran work on the track, “Ed was really excited about the song when I played it to him and suggested that he produce a version that could potentially work as a radio single. It’s not every day you have that kind of offer from a pop genius, and I’m so delighted with what he and Joe have come up with. It’s been such a fun one to work on.”

Listen to the song below.

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