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Passenger Releases New Single ‘What You’re Waiting For’

Passenger Releases New Single ‘What You’re Waiting For’

Passenger Releases New Single 'What You’re Waiting For'

Passenger has released his new single “What You’re Waiting For.” The track is a subtle stylistic shift in Passenger’s sound. Operating in the wilderness between a rasp and a whisper, his vocal continues to have the intimacy of a shared secret, yet it’s set to indie/alternative rock with an ‘80s edge that echoes R.E.M. or The Smiths.

That introspection also feeds into the lyrics, which use Passenger’s own experiences as a launchpad for a more universal emotion. “I’d got to a point in my life where I should be really happy, but there was something that I still wasn’t content with,” he confesses. “We’re all taught to strive for certain things, like a good job, a big house and lots of money. But if and when we get there, we’re surprised that it doesn’t make us happy. I think everything that’s happened over the last year has highlighted that, and we’ve all started to realise what’s important and what actually makes us happy.”

Passenger’s sixth UK Top 10 album, ‘Songs For The Drunk and Broken Hearted’ is populated by stories of characters who look for solace in the bottom of a glass when their romantic adventures go awry. Written primarily when Passenger was newly single, the songs often reflect the soul-searching that comes following a break-up.

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“What You’re Waiting For” is now available on music streaming platforms.

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