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Paper Jackets Drop New Single ‘Bad Company’

Paper Jackets Drop New Single ‘Bad Company’

Paper Jackets have released their first single of the year, “Bad Company,” a track about the comfort in those that are just as flawed as we are. The track was produced by Ethan Kauffman and co-produced & mixed by LA songwriting/producing duo HEAVY.

On the new single, Paper Jackets vocalist Aimee Proal shares, “Sometimes it’s not about finding a person that’s perfect or even someone who betters you. Perhaps it’s more comforting to find someone just as flawed that can understand and accept you as you are without judgment.” 

“There’s something comfortable about being a misfit or keeping bad company. You have no one to answer to when you label yourself that way so you might as well be who you are even when it’s not pretty, and accept people around you when it’s their turn,” adds vocalist James Mason.

The band will release Souvenirs Part Two later this year. In July 2020 the band shared their latest album, Souvenirs Volume One, the first part of a collection that stretches and pulls at the genre of alternative rock while revealing a nostalgic theme throughout; touching on creative moments the band has experienced together to addiction and its many forms. 

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Listen to “Bad Company” below.

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